Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween and other adventures

This post is late in coming, but I wanted to get up some good pictures from the Halloween party we had last week and also from the last lesson on the Body and the first lesson on the Earth. Although we're a month behind, and we should be having the Earth lessons in October, the weather has been cooperating, and we've been able to spend some good time outside in the beautiful Fall atmosphere.

For Halloween, Elizabeth organized some great activities for the girls. They made pumpkin faces with glue-on pieces for eyes, mouth and nose. They also decorated sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Abby likes eating her cookie. Ava likes eating the sprinkles, and Annika was the crafty one. They all chose the pumpkin shape cookie eventhough they had their choice of ghost, pumpkin or bat (?). they also learned a song called Mr. Jack-o-Lantern. Annika knew all the words, and the other girls enjoyed singing along. Unfortunately, Imani was sick that day.

After the crafts, cookies and singing, the girls were able to put their costumes on and parade through the apartment building. Annika was supposed to be a witch, but she wanted to wear her princess costume like Ava who was also a princess. Abby was supposed to be a cowgirl, but she didn't really want to put or keep on the horsy part of the costume. Nevertheless, it was fun to walk around with the girls on parade.

The lesson following Halloween was the last lesson on the body, and because Ava and Annika were both out that day, Imani and Abby had a great time talking again about how wonderful their bodies are. They played outside with hula hoops, balls and a tunnel. They read a lot of books, they learned how to exercise, and they were measured and weighed. They get along very well together, and it was fun to see how their friendship grew that day.

The next lesson was on the Joy of the Earth. In this lesson we focused on the first meaning of the word sense. The girls practiced using their 5 senses to enjoy the world around them. They sang a great song about how all the Earth is Mine when they use their senses because they can smell, hear and see it. They loved singing that and Mary, Will You Stand Up. They also liked story time.

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