Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exploring Nature, November 5

Today at Joy School the girls went for a lovely walk in a small subsection of the Rock Creek Park Woods. We glanced at a large community garden and then headed up to a park for snacks and further sight-seeing. Ava led the group with her nature prowess--she enthusiastically gathered up a pine cone, dandelion, sticks and different colors of fall foliage. We "looked around the world" with our viewfinders and Annika was an expert at spotting things that were green. Sweet Abby overcame her fear of Jeff and even let him carry her, momentarily, over rocky terrain. Imani was happy to share her toys, jump on the bed, sing, and dance with her three friends. It was a great day! Being my second time around, I was amazed to see how quickly all of them are growing in knowledge, developing positive senses of self, and learning to find joy in one another. I love Joy School, too!

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