Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sharing & Service

The girls are learning all about sharing, service, and what it means to give yourself as a present to someone. We had lots of fun today, and lots of memorable moments! Jeff captured some great shots of our avid learners and I attached a few of our playdough craft activity and free play time as well. Once I convinced them to converge for stories, discussion and songs they seemed to really love it and did a fabulous job learning a new song & the accompanying hand motions. All the girls loved playdough time, free play time, and story time.

Annika's face lit up when she saw the picture that Abby, Imani and Ava drew for her last class.
Ava told us about how happy her mom would be if they peed together! I loved when Ava was showing us her nativity bag--she pulled each thing out one at a time and said, "this is a little puppet, this is Grover, this is a sheep...," and when she pulled out the Mary and baby Jesus figure said, "I do not know WHAT this is." Imani, as usual, loved jumping on the bed and snuggling up with her friends on the couch. They were all absolutely adorable today and are becoming such great friends!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Service Learning

Tuesday, December 1 2009. Today we started a new unit about the Joy of serving others. The girls decided that Imani's bed would be the coziest place for learning (forget the mats!) so they all snuggled up to learn the new concept of service--what it is and how happy it makes us all. We did some role play and riddle games to help them understand what constitutes service and the many ways we can serve others in everyday life.

To apply the concept of service, the girls drew each other's names from a bucket and then created nature pictures for that kid to take home. We also worked together to create a special get-well picture for Annika. Our big service project was called "earth service." We learned about how taking care of the Earth serves everyone and then went outside to rake leaves. All the girls helped to put our pile of leaves in the garden for replenishment. They all received a service chart and stars to work on ongoing acts of service.

We also had story time, a visit from Joy Boy and his friend Jolie, a puppet show about service (the girls loved this--they were all cracking up!), and lots of fun pulling each other in the wagon on a beautiful sunny day.

Abby loved music time--she said, "Nazneen, I can sing twinkle twinkle. It goes like this, "twinkle twinkle...." Imani loved learning time and did a great job coming up with all the answers. Ava loved pulling her friends in the wagon! There was lots of laughing, joy, and learning today.