Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to Joy School

Joy School started this Tuesday. By Thursday's class period, they were already singing some of the songs and talking about seeing each other!

Tuesday we introduced the weather chart, the calendar, the concept of helpers and individual mats to sit on. We also sang Look Around the Room with Me and The Rule Song. The girls loved dancing during their "resting time", and although none of them wanted to share the object they brought for sharing, they were excited to show us all what they brought.

-Imani brought a stuffed puppy with a Superman cape
-Ava brought her Cinderella doll
-Annika brought her Princess Annika doll
-Abby brought a stuffed puppy and a stuffed ducky

They also had fun doing our art project of arranging crayon shavings on a piece of paper and then having it melted by an iron to see what the design would be.

Annika was especially good at following instructions. Abby had fun participating in the Rule Song. Ava was good at sitting on her mat and being a helper, and Imani led everyone in the dancing and running around.

Overall, we're off to a good start!


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